About Me

My name is Yujia Wang. Currently I'm studying my Master's degree in HCI at Georgia Tech. As an engineer, I'm passinate about developing interactive technologies to offer people best user experiences.

And I'm also a designer. I love designing beautiful UI with intriguing interactions. I believe a good product always starts from a friendly and wondeful UI.

My background is automation, which focuses on both hardware and software programming. I have been working on interactive technology since an undergrad. My research interests include AR/VR, wearable technology, front-end design. I hope with these emerging technologies, people can not only use them as tools, but also enjoy this whole process when they use them.

I'm a quick learner, and always curious about everything. I'm not afraid of challenges, and always growing up as conquring challenges.

This is my first year studying at Georgia Tech, and now I'm also seeking UX Engineer Internship for Summer 2018.

Contact Me

Thanks for looking at my portfolio. Check out what I'm working on, and let's get in touch! I would love to hear from you!